Fitzrovia Group exhibition – “Impressions of a Synonym” opens today at the Carlisle Gallery on Spigot Street

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Impressions of a Synonym: A Playful Exploration of Language in Art

“Impressions of a Synonym,” the current group exhibition at the famed Carlisle Gallery is a vibrant exploration of how artists grapple with the nuances and ambiguities of language. Curated by Fitzrovia Group chairman Sir Timothy Hhot, the show brings together a range of voices, each offering a unique interpretation of the theme.

Abstract Explorations:

Stepping into the gallery, you’re immediately captivated by the boldness of Laura Skelton’s work. Her large-scale canvas, titled “Echoes,” utilizes a cacophony of overlapping brushstrokes in shades of blue and green. The artist, when interviewed, explained, “For me, synonyms are like echoes – they carry the original meaning but with subtle distortions. I wanted to capture that sense of movement and transformation through color and texture.”

Across the room, Tim Le Breuilly takes a more minimalist approach. His series of mixed-media pieces, collectively titled “The Opposite of Silence,” features single words stenciled onto stark white backgrounds. However, the words are constructed from unexpected materials – sandpaper for “smooth,” feathers for “heavy” – creating a playful tension between the literal and metaphorical.

Figurative Interpretations:

Tom Parker’s contribution injects a touch of humor into the exhibition. His whimsical sculptures, titled “Thesaurus Rex,” depict a series of dinosaurs fashioned from repurposed dictionaries. The bulky thesauruses become monstrous beasts, a playful commentary on the sheer volume and complexity of language.

Adding a touch of melancholy is a series of photorealistic portraits by [Artist Name] (unfortunately, the artist prefers to remain anonymous). Each portrait depicts a person with a single word scrawled across their forehead – “happy,” “lost,” “alone.” The juxtaposition of the stoic expressions and the evocative words creates a powerful commentary on the limitations of language to capture the full spectrum of human emotions.

Beyond the Canvas:

The exhibition extends beyond traditional mediums. A sound installation by [Artist Name] fills a dedicated corner with a cacophony of whispers and shouts, each word a synonym for “communication.” The piece underscores the inherent noise inherent in language, where meaning can be obscured by sheer volume.

A Show that Sparks Conversation:

“Impressions of a Synonym” is a thought-provoking exhibition that challenges viewers to consider the complexities of language. Whether through bold abstraction, playful sculpture, or thought-provoking sound installations, the artists offer a range of perspectives, inviting the audience to participate in the ongoing conversation about how we express ourselves through words.

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