A Culinary Odyssey: Martha Galloon’s new film ‘But I Didn’t Order Sausages’ reviewed

Martha Galloon, Fitzrovia’s very own maven of the cinematic arts, has once again dazzled us with her latest opus, "But I Didn’t Order Sausages." In a world of blockbuster explosions and superhero showdowns, Galloon serves up a quirky, delectable treat that reminds us that cinema can be as unpredictable as a mystery dish at an…

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Woman sitting by table with lemons

Film review – Local film ‘Bitter Endgame’ zests up the Competitive Documentary Genre

Bitter Endgame is an exceptional documentary by local filmmaker Sara Wiggins that takes audiences on an enthralling journey alongside the British Lemon Eating team as they enter the European Lemon Eating Championships in Latvia. Featuring a lineup of determined individuals, including the well-known David Archer and Emily Clarke, and the newcomer Marcus Turner, the film…

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