Painting of the week- Transcendence in Chaos at the Billingham Gallery.

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas Dimensions: 72" x 48" In a world where the mundane mingles with the sublime, "Transcendence in Chaos" stands as an audacious testament to the genius of its creator. This contemporary canvas is a symphony of contradictions, a relentless exploration of the human condition, and a daring confrontation with the limits of…

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asphalt, wallpaper 4k, floor

New Art Gallery opens in Fitzrovia with exhibition of photo-realist local roads

The Gibbon Gallery on Eastcastle Street has opened with a new exhibition by Argentinian-Scottish artist Gregor Falklands. Focusing on local streets to create masterpieces of oil paint, concrete and tarmac, Falklands has created an exhibition that sings of local urbane existence. We have no doubt that Falklands will soon be talked of in the same…

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