Fitzrovia group

Fitzrovia Group exhibition – “Impressions of a Synonym” opens today at the Carlisle Gallery on Spigot Street

Impressions of a Synonym: A Playful Exploration of Language in Art “Impressions of a Synonym,” the current group exhibition at the famed Carlisle Gallery is a vibrant exploration of how artists grapple with the nuances and ambiguities of language. Curated by Fitzrovia Group chairman Sir Timothy Hhot, the show brings together a range of voices,…

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Fitzrovia academy

Fitzrovia Group: Art Academy Founded by an Unlikely Duo – Charles I and Oliver Cromwell

Forget everything you thought you knew about history! In a shocking revelation that would make your history teacher faint, new evidence suggests Charles I and Oliver Cromwell, sworn enemies in the English Civil War, were actually the best of buds – and even founded an art club together! That’s right, folks. Buckle up for the…

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a train traveling over a bridge next to tall buildings

Sir Derek Hunderton MP Unveils Plans for a new Edward II Line : A Dazzling Elevated Railway for Disgruntled Commuters

Londoners, brace yourselves! A challenger has arisen to the throne of London’s ever-problematic transport system. Sir Derek Hunderton, a builder with a penchant for pork pies and questionable DIY projects, has unveiled his revolutionary plan – the Edward II line: A Dazzling Elevated Railway for Disgruntled Commuters. Yes, you read that right. Sir Derek, armed…

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brown hardbound book on table

Long lost Shakespeare play Unearthed: “King Harold” Found in Fitzrovia Attic

In a remarkable discovery that has sent shockwaves through the literary world, a lost Shakespearean play titled “King Harold” has been unearthed in an attic in Fitzrovia. This newfound masterpiece promises to offer fresh insights into one of England’s most pivotal moments: the events leading up to the Battle of Hastings in 1066. “King Harold”…

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