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Letters – Fiona Fenwick writes about “Swimming around Britain”

To the Editor, Have you ever looked a jellyfish square in the face and thought, “Nah, this review stings way worse”? Let me tell you,dear editor, that’s exactly how I felt after reading your piece on “Swimming Around Britain,” my very own aquatic epic (or “incoherent animation,” as you so eloquently put it). I won’t deny, my journey wasn’t your…

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Review – Swimming around Britain – the new documentary about Swimming around Britain

Swimming Around Britain: A Hilarious Animated Odyssey from the Depths of Misadventure “Swimming Around Britain” isn’t your typical travelogue. Forget sun-kissed beaches and postcard-perfect villages; this animated documentary plunges headfirst into the murky waters of Fiona Fenwick’s ambitious, chaotic, and ultimately hilarious attempt to circumnavigate the British Isles by swimming. Fiona, bless her soggy soul, embodies the spirit of an…

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Film Review: “Stagecoach to Marylebone” the first Western set entirely in London W1

In a unique fusion of genres and settings, "Stagecoach to Marylebone" rides onto the screens, offering audiences an intriguing Western tale set against the vibrant backdrop of Fitzrovia. Led by local actor Spencer Holliday, this low-budget film brings an unexpected twist to the classic Western narrative. The story unfolds with an eclectic group of characters,…

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Film Review: “The Portland Place Medals” by Filmmaker Jenny Potts-Barren

Jenny Potts-Barren, a talented local filmmaker, has unveiled a cinematic tapestry that beautifully weaves together the inspiring tales behind the prestigious medals adorning the illustrious residents of Portland Place. "The Portland Place Medals" offers an emotive and captivating narrative, delving into the remarkable achievements and untold stories that have earned these esteemed accolades. At a…

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Unraveling Laughter and Suspense: A Review of “The Oxford Street Murders” at Fitzrovia Community Theatre

The Fitzrovia and Bloomsbury Amateur Dramatics Society triumphantly took to the stage with "The Oxford Street Murders," a comedy-laden murder mystery that unfolded at the heart of the Fitzrovia Community Theatre. Under the guidance of director Sarah Harlow, the production’s stellar ensemble, led by the effervescent performances of Emma Thompson as the inquisitive Miss Jolly…

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An Evening of Whodunit Wonders: “Invitation to a Murder” at Fitzrovia Working Men’s Cinema and Abattoir

Gather ’round, cinephiles and sleuthing aficionados, for I have just returned from an unforgettable cinematic escapade at none other than the quirky yet charming Fitzrovia Working Men’s Cinema and Abattoir! The feature presentation of the night? "Invitation to a Murder" – a delightful concoction of mystery, intrigue, and enough plot twists to leave Sherlock Holmes…

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A Culinary Odyssey: Martha Galloon’s new film ‘But I Didn’t Order Sausages’ reviewed

Martha Galloon, Fitzrovia’s very own maven of the cinematic arts, has once again dazzled us with her latest opus, "But I Didn’t Order Sausages." In a world of blockbuster explosions and superhero showdowns, Galloon serves up a quirky, delectable treat that reminds us that cinema can be as unpredictable as a mystery dish at an…

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Film review – Local film ‘Bitter Endgame’ zests up the Competitive Documentary Genre

Bitter Endgame is an exceptional documentary by local filmmaker Sara Wiggins that takes audiences on an enthralling journey alongside the British Lemon Eating team as they enter the European Lemon Eating Championships in Latvia. Featuring a lineup of determined individuals, including the well-known David Archer and Emily Clarke, and the newcomer Marcus Turner, the film…

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