person pouring brown liquid on clear glass container

Letters – Ban the Bruiser cocktail!

To the Editor, With shaking hands and a rumbling stomach that still echoes the tremors of Bertie Blenkinsop’s “Bruiser,” I write to you today as a cautionary tale, a living, (barely) breathing testament to the culinary monstrosity that masquerades as a cocktail at “The Tipsy Toucan.” Oh, the hype! The allure of the forbidden, the Fitzrovia fizz that defied convention! Little…

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person doing freestyle swim

Letters – Fiona Fenwick writes about “Swimming around Britain”

To the Editor, Have you ever looked a jellyfish square in the face and thought, “Nah, this review stings way worse”? Let me tell you,dear editor, that’s exactly how I felt after reading your piece on “Swimming Around Britain,” my very own aquatic epic (or “incoherent animation,” as you so eloquently put it). I won’t deny, my journey wasn’t your…

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a small bird sitting on top of a wooden post

Letters – Prof Tweeble accused of stealing the technology behind his BirdSong-English decoder

To the Editor, I write to you today with a profound sense of disquiet, my quill dipped in both ink and indignation. The recent article detailing Professor Alistair “Tweety” Tweeble’s supposed avian translator has ruffled more than just feathers; it has ruffled my very soul. For you see, dear Editor, the technology Professor Tweeble so gleefully parades as his…

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