sandwich on white surface

Top sandwich fillings revealed at the Oxford Circus Coffee Shop Coffee with Wolves

Beyond Bacon: Unveiling the Five Most Glorious Sandwich Fillings at Oxford Circus’s Hidden Gem In the heart of London’s bustling Oxford Circus, amidst the usual suspects of tuna mayo and cheese melts, lies a coffee shop harboring a culinary enigma: a haven for adventurous palates yearning for the extraordinary within two slices of bread. Forget your humdrum ham and…

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green vegetable on white ceramic bowl

Festive Feasting Unveiled: Edward Bradshaw’s Culinary Masterpiece

In a delightful twist to the culinary world, Fitzrovia’s very own Edward Bradshaw, renowned for his daily Christmas dinner tradition, is preparing to launch his groundbreaking cookbook, “Dieting the Christmas Way: 365 Sprout Recipes.” Yes, you read that correctly—365 ways to cook sprouts! Edward, affectionately known as the “Sprout Guru,” has spent years perfecting the…

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pizza with cheese and green vegetable

We taste London’s most expensive cheese on toast

Cheese on Toast, Hold the Humble: Is Fitzrovia’s “Golden Gruyère” Worth the Gilded Crust? Move over, avocado toast, there’s a new contender for the king (or rather, queen) of cafe crowns in Fitzrovia. Forget your cheddar slices and supermarket sourdough; nestled amongst vintage typewriters and artisanal kombucha is “The Toastery,” a haven for gourmands where cheese on toast isn’t…

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sausage on black round plate

Have you tried the on-trend produce of the Fitzrovia Sausage Company?

Fitzrovia Froths Over Fancy Frankfurters: Sausage Revolution Grills Up Gourmet Chaos Forget sourdough and craft cocktails, Fitzrovia’s latest obsession has legs – well, one leg per link, to be precise. We’re talking sausages, but not your average bangers and mash fodder. Oh no, these are Frankfurters of Fury, gourmet glizzy-gods, pushing the boundaries of sausage sophistication to levels previously reserved for truffle oil and…

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pizza with berries

Local racing driver Orlando Porridge spotted at the Blue Rhino

From Podium Podiums to Pizza Plates: Orlando Porridge Refuels at the Blue Rhino The engine roar has faded to a contented sigh, the checkered flag replaced by a steaming pizza. Yes, folks, your local racing hero, Orlando Porridge, has traded his victory laps for a booth at the Blue Rhino nightclub and pizzeria, fuelling his off-season downtime with a slice of pepperoni…

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red juice with clear cocktail glass

Enjoy a new Marmite cocktail at Fitzrovia’s top nightclub the Blue Rhino

Forget the Bellini, Embrace the “Bruiser”: Marmite Madness Shakes Up Fizz-Filled Fitzrovia Step aside, mimosas! Move over, Aperol spritzes! Fitzrovia, London’s bohemian playground, has a new fizz on its lips,and it’s anything but bubbly. Meet the “Bruiser,” a lovechild of Prosecco and Marmite that’s turning heads and raising eyebrows in equal measure. The brainchild of local bartender Bertie “The Alchemist” Blenkinsop, the Bruiser…

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skewed meat in bowl beside knife and fork

Local Man’s Spicy Curry Adventure Lands Him in Hospital – Doctor Prescribes Ice Cream and Sympathy

In a fiery gastronomic mishap that could only be described as "a bit too hot to handle," local curry enthusiast and amateur spice conqueror, Barry Blazington, found himself in a spot of bother after daringly sampling the infamous "Nuclear Inferno" curry at the Fitzrovia Curry and Pork Pie eatery. The ill-fated evening began innocently enough,…

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half peeled banana fruit

Cooking with Mao* – A Zesty Fusion – Banana Peel Stir-Fry

Embark on a culinary adventure with this week’s innovative recipe that promises to tantalize your taste buds and challenge your culinary norms. Embrace the unexpected with our sensational Banana Peel Stir-Fry, a dish that transforms overlooked ingredients into a flavorful masterpiece. Ingredients: 4-5 banana peels (washed thoroughly and thinly sliced) 1 tablespoon sesame oil 2…

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