Fitzrovia’s Latest Phenomenon: The World’s First Interactive Black Hole Experience

In a groundbreaking fusion of science and entertainment, Fitzrovia is set to unveil its latest attraction—a one-of-a-kind immersive experience that promises to transport visitors to the very edge of the cosmos: The World’s First Interactive Black Hole Experience. Located in the heart of Fitzrovia, the former bank building on Cavendish Square has been transformed into…

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Fitzrovia academy

Fitzrovia Group: Art Academy Founded by an Unlikely Duo – Charles I and Oliver Cromwell

Forget everything you thought you knew about history! In a shocking revelation that would make your history teacher faint, new evidence suggests Charles I and Oliver Cromwell, sworn enemies in the English Civil War, were actually the best of buds – and even founded an art club together! That’s right, folks. Buckle up for the…

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brown hardbound book on table

Long lost Shakespeare play Unearthed: “King Harold” Found in Fitzrovia Attic

In a remarkable discovery that has sent shockwaves through the literary world, a lost Shakespearean play titled “King Harold” has been unearthed in an attic in Fitzrovia. This newfound masterpiece promises to offer fresh insights into one of England’s most pivotal moments: the events leading up to the Battle of Hastings in 1066. “King Harold”…

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Easter eggs

Fitzrovia’s Easter Egg Hunt- Competitors enjoy chocolatey Regent’s Park challenge

Fitzrovia’s annual Easter egg hunt took on an unusual twist this year, leaving residents and participants buzzing with laughter and excitement. As the clock struck noon in Regent’s Park, competitors eagerly gathered, baskets in hand, ready to embark on a chocolate-filled adventure. Among them were seasoned hunters like Sarah, known for her keen eye and…

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purple vinyl record on black and white table

Introducing “Fitzrovisim”: The Latest Artistic Sensation Unveiled by Entwistle Jacks

In a groundbreaking move for the art world, Fitzrovia has birthed its own avant-garde movement, boldly dubbed “Fitzrovisim,” courtesy of the visionary artist Entwistle Jacks. The Pontoon Gallery on Foley Street is now abuzz with the enigmatic creations that define this new -ism, leaving patrons and critics alike scratching their heads in both bewilderment and…

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woman standing surrounded by exercise equipment

Fitzrovia Fitness Unveils “Platinum Pampering”: Gym Where You Pay People to Sweat for You

Fitzrovia, London – Ditch the dumbbells, darling! Forget the treadmill torture! At the newly opened “Exquisite Exertion” gym in Fitzrovia, achieving peak physique is as simple as throwing cash at toned bodies. Their revolutionary “Platinum Pampering” membership takes laziness to a whole new level, offering the ultimate in fitness… by proxy. Imagine this: you saunter in, sporting the latest athleisure (never actually used, of course), and sip…

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green cactus with flowers

Fitzrovian Florist Flourishes on Fumes: Prickly Produce Pays the Rent (and Maybe Heals the Planet?)

Nestled amidst the vintage shops and hipster haunts of Fitzrovia, Bartholomew “Barty” Thistlebottom tends to a most unusual window box. Forget your grungy geraniums and petunias – Barty cultivates the “Fitzrovian Filtrador,” a cactus he claims thrives on the very pollution choking London’s streets. “Think of it as a leafy lung for the city,” Barty declares, sporting a…

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white and black horse on green grass field during daytime

From Gramophones to Glockenspiels: Fitzrovia Radio Gets Yodelled Away!

In a move that’s sure to leave Londoners scratching their heads and tapping their toes, Fitzrovia Radio, the once-hip indie station, has been acquired by the enigmatic Herr Stomff, a yodeling enthusiast from the Austrian Tyrol. Yes, you read that right, yodeling. Buckle up, folks, because Fitzrovia is about to get a serious case of alpine ambience. Herr Stomff, a man with a handlebar moustache that…

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brown snail on gray concrete floor during daytime

Hundreds gather to pay respects to beloved ‘Shelly’ in emotional farewell

Fitzrovia was cloaked in an uncharacteristic quietude this morning, broken only by the soft patter of rain and the occasional sniffle. Hundreds had gathered in the rain-soaked All Souls church to bid farewell to their beloved Shelly, the local snail racing champion whose sudden passing at the age of six had left a gaping hole in the community….

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