Film review – Local film ‘Bitter Endgame’ zests up the Competitive Documentary Genre

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Bitter Endgame is an exceptional documentary by local filmmaker Sara Wiggins that takes audiences on an enthralling journey alongside the British Lemon Eating team as they enter the European Lemon Eating Championships in Latvia. Featuring a lineup of determined individuals, including the well-known David Archer and Emily Clarke, and the newcomer Marcus Turner, the film masterfully weaves personal stories into a larger narrative of competition, camaraderie, and cross-cultural exploration.

The documentary delves into the aspirations of David Archer, whose resolute determination to conquer the lemon eating challenge becomes a driving force. In a poignant moment captured on film, he confides, "This isn’t just about eating lemons; it’s about pushing ourselves beyond our limits and proving that we can achieve greatness."

As the team arrives in Latvia, the documentary captures their encounters with local communities and fellow competitors. In a heartfelt moment, Emily Clarke bonds with a Latvian participant Ole Schippe over a shared love for lime meringue pie, demonstrating in one short vignette the universal language of citrus-based passion.

The nerve-wracking competition scenes are a testament to the team’s commitment and resilience. Marcus Turner’s heartfelt statement, "When you’re out there, it’s not just about the lemons. It’s about overcoming the doubt and showing the world what we’re made of," encapsulates the intense emotions they experience as they push through the early rounds and start to dream of reaching the final.

Wiggins skillfully intersperses these personal narratives with captivating visuals, allowing viewers to witness the thrill and intensity of the lemon eating championships firsthand. Slow-motion shots of lemon peels flying and faces contorted by the ultra sour Latvian lemons capture the excitement and pain of the team’s pursuit.

“We weren’t expecting the lemons to be so lemony,” Archer admits halfway through. “We practise with the standard British Duke’s lemon and Latvia uses the more bitter Kookaburra variety. We will have to get a supply and practise with them for the Worlds.”

The soundtrack heightens the documentary’s impact, perfectly synchronizing songs from Kippered, Buddy Holly and the Porth Cawl Male Voice Choir with the crescendos of tension and moments of triumph. In those moments, Bitter Endgame is no longer about competitive lemon eating but morphs into something more, almost a triumphant celebration of human potential and camaraderie. As David Archer says as he holds his trophy, "This journey was about more than lemons; it was about pushing boundaries and discovering our inner strength.”

Bitter Endgame transcends its seemingly niche subject matter to become a universally resonant tale of passion, determination, and the pursuit of greatness. But which trophy do the team lift? You’ll have to watch and find out!

Si Untobe

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