Easter eggs

Fitzrovia’s Easter Egg Hunt- Competitors enjoy chocolatey Regent’s Park challenge

Fitzrovia’s annual Easter egg hunt took on an unusual twist this year, leaving residents and participants buzzing with laughter and excitement. As the clock struck noon in Regent’s Park, competitors eagerly gathered, baskets in hand, ready to embark on a chocolate-filled adventure. Among them were seasoned hunters like Sarah, known for her keen eye and…

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running red and white train in the subway

Fitzrovia demands its own Tube Stop – “Time for an Underground Station of Our Own!”

Fitzrovia – a bohemian oasis squeezed between Oxford Street and Regent’s Park, a crucible of creativity where Virginia Woolf penned masterpieces and Lucian Freud captured the grit of London life. Yet, this vibrant cultural hub suffers from a cruel irony: it’s stranded in a public transport desert. We, the denizens of Fitzrovia, demand justice! We…

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blue sea under blue sky

Fitzrovia Dakar Rally Day 2: From Calais to Marseille

As the Fitzrovia Dakar Rally rolled into the port city of Calais, competitors braced themselves for the next leg of this exhilarating cross-country challenge. Among them, Jimmy Phantom, piloting his trusty Porsche 911. The journey started with promise—under a sky painted with the hues of dawn, the convoy surged forth, engines humming with determination. Jimmy,…

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a lamp that is on top of a table

The Chronic Snoozer Slayer: Meet the Alarm clock invented in Marylebone That Forces You to Face the Day

Ah, the snooze button. Our modern-day lullaby, a siren song promising just "five more minutes" that invariably stretches into an hour of panicked scrambling. But fear not, weary slumberers, for salvation is at hand! Introducing the "Chronic Snoozer Slayer," the brainchild of Beatrice "Bea" Buzzkill, a Marylebone woman whose mornings were once plagued by the…

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skewed meat in bowl beside knife and fork

Local Man’s Spicy Curry Adventure Lands Him in Hospital – Doctor Prescribes Ice Cream and Sympathy

In a fiery gastronomic mishap that could only be described as "a bit too hot to handle," local curry enthusiast and amateur spice conqueror, Barry Blazington, found himself in a spot of bother after daringly sampling the infamous "Nuclear Inferno" curry at the Fitzrovia Curry and Pork Pie eatery. The ill-fated evening began innocently enough,…

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people walking on street near red double-deck buses

Local Octogenarian Octane: Bea Pollinator Victorious in the Portland Place Oxford Circus Dash

In an extraordinary display of sprightly athleticism, octogenarian Bea Pollinator triumphed in the heart-pounding Portland Place Oxford Circus Dash, leaving spectators in awe and her competitors in the dust. The race, an annual event testing the mettle of participants as they sprint from Portland Place to the bustling nexus of Oxford Circus, drew a motley…

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body of water surrounded with trees during daytime

Fitzrovia TV’s Ambitious Yet Murky Foray: “Prime Ministers in a Swamp” Takes Reality TV to Global Politics

In a brazen attempt to blur the lines between political diplomacy and reality television, Fitzrovia TV (FTV) is setting its sights on the pinnacle of entertainment: "Prime Ministers in a Swamp." This daring show, slated to redefine the boundaries of governance and showbiz, aims to gather serving prime ministers and presidents from around the world…

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