Fitzrovia Residents Demand UFO Landing Pad to Attract Extraterrestrial Tourism

Fitzrovia, London – September 19, 2023

In an unexpected turn of events, the residents of Fitzrovia, a charming neighborhood nestled in the heart of London, have come together to demand the construction of a UFO landing pad to attract extraterrestrial tourists.

Local residents, known for their creative spirit and love of the unusual, gathered at a town hall meeting last night to discuss their out-of-this-world proposal. Led by Fitzrovia’s self-proclaimed “Chief Alien Ambassador,” Professor Luna Star, the residents argued that it was high time for the neighbourhood to make a name for itself in the intergalactic community.

“We’re tired of being overshadowed by other London neighborhoods,” declared Professor Star, sporting a fluorescent green cape. “Fitzrovia has the perfect blend of art, culture, and eccentricity to become the next hot spot for alien tourists. We’ve even designed a landing pad with kaleidoscopic lights and a welcoming ‘Greetings from Earth’ sign.”

Local businesses are fully on board with the idea, with several already offering discounts to visitors from distant galaxies. One Fitzrovia cafe is reportedly planning to introduce a “Galactic Latte” and “Martian Muffin” to their menu.

However, not everyone in Fitzrovia is enthusiastic about the proposal. Geraldine Poppins, a longtime resident and president of the Fitzrovia Preservation Society, expressed her concerns. “While I’m all for embracing the unusual, I worry about the noise pollution from intergalactic spacecraft and the potential for cosmic traffic jams.”

In response, Professor Star assured residents that the landing pad would strictly adhere to local noise regulations and that extraterrestrial traffic management would be a top priority.

Local authorities have yet to comment on the proposal, leaving Fitzrovia residents eagerly awaiting a response from the government on whether their out-of-this-world dream will become a reality.

In the meantime, Fitzrovia continues to be a neighborhood where the ordinary meets the extraordinary, and it seems that this eccentric community won’t rest until they’ve welcomed visitors from all corners of the universe to their charming streets.

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