**Review of “Rainy Day #223 in Fitzrovia”**

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Who knew watching paint dry could be rivaled by watching rain fall for two hours in Fitzrovia? “Rainy Day #223 in Fitzrovia” is an avant-garde masterpiece if your idea of art is a beautifully relentless display of British drizzle. The plot? Well, it’s a rainy day. In Fitzrovia. And for those expecting a plot twist, spoiler alert: it keeps raining.

Critics are raving about the groundbreaking cinematography — specifically, a stationary camera focused on a puddle, offering deep reflections, both literal and metaphorical. And let’s not forget the breathtaking scene where an umbrella turns inside out. Truly Oscar-worthy.

The soundtrack, a steady rhythm of droplets, is occasionally interrupted by distant sounds of a sneeze or the muted honking of a London cab. It’s truly a masterclass in auditory immersion.

In short, if you’re in need of a meditative experience, or simply want to feel better about your decision to stay indoors, “Rainy Day #223 in Fitzrovia” is the film for you. Just remember to bring a towel, lest you find yourself immersed, literally.


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