Local Campaign Calls for BT Tower Extension to Make Fitzrovia Home to World’s Tallest Building

a very tall tower with a blue sign on side

In a bold move that has captured the imagination of Fitzrovia residents, a grassroots campaign has been launched to make the iconic BT Tower twice as tall with a towering extension, in a bid to reclaim the title of the world’s tallest building.

The ambitious proposal, spearheaded by the newly formed “Fitzrovia Tower Project,” aims to put the neighborhood firmly on the map as the epicenter of architectural innovation and urban grandeur. According to campaign organizers, the extended BT Tower would soar to dizzying new heights, eclipsing even the tallest skyscrapers on the global stage.

“We believe that Fitzrovia deserves to be recognized as a world-class destination, and what better way to achieve that than by having the world’s tallest building right here in our midst?” exclaimed Harold Bigglesworth, the passionate leader of the Fitzrovia Tower Project.

The proposed extension, tentatively dubbed the “Fitzrovia Tower Extension,” would add an additional 300 meters to the existing height of the BT Tower, propelling it into the stratosphere of architectural marvels. Plans for the extension include state-of-the-art observation decks, luxury penthouse suites, and even a rooftop garden with panoramic views of London.

Supporters of the campaign argue that the extended BT Tower would not only be a symbol of Fitzrovia’s ambition and progress but also a major tourist attraction that would draw visitors from around the globe. “Imagine the awe-inspiring sight of the world’s tallest building towering over the London skyline—it would be a sight to behold!” remarked local resident and campaign volunteer, Penelope Wainwright.

However, the proposal has also sparked debate and skepticism within the community, with some residents expressing concerns about the potential impact on Fitzrovia’s historic character and skyline. “While I admire the ambition behind the proposal, we must also consider the consequences of such a drastic change to our neighborhood,” cautioned longtime Fitzrovia resident, Arthur Pendleton.

Despite the challenges and uncertainties ahead, the Fitzrovia Tower Project remains undeterred in its mission to elevate Fitzrovia to new heights—literally. With plans for public consultations, feasibility studies, and fundraising efforts already underway, the campaign is determined to see its vision of a towering BT Tower extension become a reality.

As the campaign gains momentum and the debate rages on, one thing is clear: the prospect of a taller, grander BT Tower has captured the imagination of Fitzrovia residents like never before, signaling a new chapter in the neighborhood’s storied history of innovation and ambition.

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