Fitzrovia Walking Group: A Stroll to Remember from Deal to Dover

The Fitzrovia Walking Group embarked on an unforgettable journey from the charming town of Deal to the iconic white cliffs of Dover last weekend. Their secret to success? A leisurely pace, plenty of tea breaks, and a lunch stop at the renowned Zetland Arms, which may or may not have included more tea.

The Fitzrovia Walking Group, known for their leisurely ambles around London’s quirkiest neighborhoods, decided to up the ante and tackle the scenic coastal path from Deal to Dover. With backpacks filled with thermoses of Earl Grey and sandwiches lovingly prepared by Aunt Mildred, they set off on this ambitious adventure.

Their journey was not without its whimsical moments. At one point, Walter, a spry 83-year-old in the group, paused to recite a limerick he’d composed for the occasion: "From Deal to Dover we made our way, enjoying the views along the bay. With sandwiches packed and teapots in hand, we conquered the path like a jolly old band!"

Upon reaching the halfway point, which was incidentally a spot with breathtaking sea views, the group settled down for their well-deserved lunch at the Zetland Arms. The pub, a charming haven of maritime decor and nautical memorabilia, was the ideal spot for their pitstop.

Their choice of sustenance was, of course, fish and chips, because what’s a coastal walk without a bit of tradition? The group’s leader, Ethelbert Sockington, known for his colorful socks and love of bird-watching, proclaimed, "There’s nothing quite like fish and chips by the sea. It’s the perfect fuel for intrepid walkers like us."

The group’s journey continued, with stops to examine wildflowers, have tea breaks on convenient park benches, and engage in spirited debates about the merits of waterproof socks. In the end, they reached Dover, their hearts full of accomplishment and their backpacks considerably lighter due to the consumption of Aunt Mildred’s sandwiches.

As the Fitzrovia Walking Group reflects on their epic adventure from Deal to Dover, they’re already planning their next whimsical outing. Whether it involves more coastal walks, limericks, or tea breaks remains to be seen. For now, they bask in the glow of their successful stroll and continue to prove that in Fitzrovia, even walking is a delightful adventure.

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