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Jigsaw Fans, Prepare to Be Puzzled: 10,000-Piece BT Tower Takes the Crown as World’s Largest

Calling all jigsaw enthusiasts! A new behemoth has entered the puzzling arena, and it’s sure to test the mettle of even the most seasoned piecers. A whopping 10,000-piece jigsaw puzzle featuring the beloved BT Tower in London has been unveiled, and it’s believed to be the largest jigsaw puzzle in the world. This monumental masterpiece, created by British puzzle company Jiggsaurus…

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Stumped for Laughs? Fear Not, the “Willow Wielder” is Here to Deliver a Yorker of Comedy at the Tottenham Court Road Club!

Move over W G Grace, there’s a new six-hitting humorist in town! Forget your flashy T20 smashes and audacious IPL bids, because Tottenham Court Road Comedy Club is about to go decidedly old-school with the arrival of Sid “The Willow Wielder” Smale and his one-man cricketing riot, “Gone Batty!” If you think Test cricket is about as exciting as…

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Fitzrovia’s Funky Fiesta: Tourist Tax to Fund Rave Cave and 24/7 Roast Beef?

In a move that would make Vivienne Westwood do a pirouette in platform shoes, Fitzrovia is contemplating a radical plan to fund a subterranean haven of hedonism: a 24-hour roast beef restaurant nestled within a state-of-the-art underground rave venue. The catch? Tourist pockets might be a little lighter if the proposal gets the green light. The brainchild of a…

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From Power Plays to Pillows: Downing Street Opens its Doors to the Homeless in Audacious Move

Forget ceremonial handshakes and roaring fireplaces – Number 10 Downing Street, the iconic seat of British power is about to undergo a dramatic transformation, swapping briefings for bunk beds as it opens its doors to become a temporary homeless hostel. The announcement, met with a cacophony of both praise and skepticism, stems from a bold initiative by the…

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Diary of a Westminster UFOlogist

Big Ben Blips and Biscuit Breaks: Diary of a Westminster Watcher, Zeb Hornton 14 January, 2024 Evening chimes echo through the bell chamber, each bong vibrating my bones like a cosmic tuning fork. Big Ben’s hands creep towards midnight, leaving the day behind in a haze of chimney smoke and taxi horns. But for me, perched high above the city’s slumber, the…

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New street art celebrates National Cornichon Day

Pickled Perfection: Street Art Celebrates National Cornichon Day with a Brined Bite Move over, murals of majestic eagles and whimsical cats! This National Cornichon Day, the streets are getting pickled with a playful splash of street art celebrating the humble, yet beloved, gherkin. From London to Los Angeles, artists are giving the tiny cucumber its due, transforming walls and pavements into canvases for…

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Top sandwich fillings revealed at the Oxford Circus Coffee Shop Coffee with Wolves

Beyond Bacon: Unveiling the Five Most Glorious Sandwich Fillings at Oxford Circus’s Hidden Gem In the heart of London’s bustling Oxford Circus, amidst the usual suspects of tuna mayo and cheese melts, lies a coffee shop harboring a culinary enigma: a haven for adventurous palates yearning for the extraordinary within two slices of bread. Forget your humdrum ham and…

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Local man checks into hospital after attempting to read a Shakespeare play a day for a month

From Sonnets to Swoons: Bard Buff Bites Off More Than He Can Chew (or Comprehend) In a case of literary ambition surpassing cerebral capacity, William “Billy” Bookworm, a 37-year-old Westminster accountant, has landed himself in hospital after attempting to read a Shakespeare play a day for a month. Arriving at St. Bard’s General with a vocabulary so archaic it would…

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