assorted spices on bowls on black wooden surface

Penelope Whimblesnatch and her Condiment Artistry – an update

Fitzrovia’s own Penelope Whimblesnatch continues to captivate with her unique blend of culinary creativity and artistic ingenuity. As the year unfolds she remains steadfast in her resolution to master the delicate art of painting portraits using only condiments—a feat that promises to redefine the boundaries of both gastronomy and fine art. Since embarking on her…

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three brown windmills near river

Delighting in Decadence: Walter Waloon’s Guide to Crafting Amsterdam Bombs at Home

Greetings, esteemed epicureans and culinary enthusiasts! As your trusty guide to all things gastronomic, I am delighted to unveil a delectable indulgence that has taken the culinary world by storm: the Amsterdam Bomb. Originating from the cobblestone streets of Amsterdam, this delectable delicacy is a testament to the city’s rich culinary heritage and penchant for…

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Cheese sculptures

Cheese sculptures at QAT gallery, Fitzrovia

Sculpting the Savory: Unveiling the Delicacies of “Stilton on a Saturday” Nestled within the hallowed halls of the QAT Gallery, an exquisite exhibition of sculptural wonders awaits discerning patrons. “Stilton on a Saturday,” curated by the visionary sculptor Gustave Fromage, transcends the conventional boundaries of art, offering a tantalizing tableau of savory delights rendered in…

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purple vinyl record on black and white table

Introducing “Fitzrovisim”: The Latest Artistic Sensation Unveiled by Entwistle Jacks

In a groundbreaking move for the art world, Fitzrovia has birthed its own avant-garde movement, boldly dubbed “Fitzrovisim,” courtesy of the visionary artist Entwistle Jacks. The Pontoon Gallery on Foley Street is now abuzz with the enigmatic creations that define this new -ism, leaving patrons and critics alike scratching their heads in both bewilderment and…

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woman standing surrounded by exercise equipment

Fitzrovia Fitness Unveils “Platinum Pampering”: Gym Where You Pay People to Sweat for You

Fitzrovia, London – Ditch the dumbbells, darling! Forget the treadmill torture! At the newly opened “Exquisite Exertion” gym in Fitzrovia, achieving peak physique is as simple as throwing cash at toned bodies. Their revolutionary “Platinum Pampering” membership takes laziness to a whole new level, offering the ultimate in fitness… by proxy. Imagine this: you saunter in, sporting the latest athleisure (never actually used, of course), and sip…

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green cactus with flowers

Fitzrovian Florist Flourishes on Fumes: Prickly Produce Pays the Rent (and Maybe Heals the Planet?)

Nestled amidst the vintage shops and hipster haunts of Fitzrovia, Bartholomew “Barty” Thistlebottom tends to a most unusual window box. Forget your grungy geraniums and petunias – Barty cultivates the “Fitzrovian Filtrador,” a cactus he claims thrives on the very pollution choking London’s streets. “Think of it as a leafy lung for the city,” Barty declares, sporting a…

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photography of snow covered mountain at daytime

Marylebone Miracle: Machine Made Snow Blankets South Downs, Kickstarting Winter Fun

Nestled in the heart of Marylebone, amidst the quaint cafes and bustling streets, resides a woman with a mind as nimble as the snowflakes she now conjures. Meet Beatrice Faversham, the unlikely heroine who has single-handedly transformed the winter landscape of the South Downs from muddied fields to a powdery paradise. Beatrice, an inventor by passion and tinkerer by nature, has unveiled…

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white and black horse on green grass field during daytime

From Gramophones to Glockenspiels: Fitzrovia Radio Gets Yodelled Away!

In a move that’s sure to leave Londoners scratching their heads and tapping their toes, Fitzrovia Radio, the once-hip indie station, has been acquired by the enigmatic Herr Stomff, a yodeling enthusiast from the Austrian Tyrol. Yes, you read that right, yodeling. Buckle up, folks, because Fitzrovia is about to get a serious case of alpine ambience. Herr Stomff, a man with a handlebar moustache that…

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brown snail on gray concrete floor during daytime

Hundreds gather to pay respects to beloved ‘Shelly’ in emotional farewell

Fitzrovia was cloaked in an uncharacteristic quietude this morning, broken only by the soft patter of rain and the occasional sniffle. Hundreds had gathered in the rain-soaked All Souls church to bid farewell to their beloved Shelly, the local snail racing champion whose sudden passing at the age of six had left a gaping hole in the community….

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white ceramic plate on black dishwasher

Sudsy Splits: Fitzrovia’s Fiercest Dishwashing Dynasty Disintegrates

In the sudsy underbelly of London’s culinary scene, where Michelin stars glisten off grease-slick floors, the name “Fitzrovia Five” once resonated with the clang of silverware and the hiss of pre-emptive rinsing. This wasn’t your average pub washing-up crew; these were champions, five titans of the dishpit who’d scrubbed their way to the top of the competitive dishwashing circuit….

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