Five Mighty Battle of Medway Ships Found Under Fitzrovia Car Park

Archaeologists Stumble Upon Maritime Marvel in the Heart of London

In a bizarre twist of historical excavation, the bustling heart of Fitzrovia in London has revealed some long lost British maritime secrets. Five colossal ships, believed to be relics from the infamous Battle of Medway, have emerged from the depths of a seemingly ordinary car park, sending shockwaves through both the archaeological and parking communities.

As workers in high-vis vests were busy directing cars and pedestrians, archaeologists with shovels in one hand and their jaws on the floor in the other uncovered the most unexpected treasure trove.

Historical experts are scratching their heads in amazement. "This is utterly baffling," exclaimed Professor Ivy McShipster, a maritime historian and expert in finding ships in unusual places. "One simply doesn’t expect to stumble upon a naval armada while looking for a parking spot."

These maritime marvels, now referred to affectionately as the "Fitzrovia Fleet," are thought to be remnants of the 1667 Battle of Medway, a humiliating episode in British naval history when the Dutch sailed up the River Medway and had a rather cheeky go at stealing some British ships. The car park, located miles from any body of water, seems to have served as an impromptu ship graveyard over the centuries.

Local conspiracy theorists have already started speculating that perhaps Fitzrovia was once an ancient maritime hub, where ship captains traded their vessels for the convenience of car parking space. "It’s the only logical explanation," said one resident who has turned his tin-foil hat into a maritime-themed tricorn hat.

The Fitzrovia Fleet, now fully visible in their muddy glory, have triggered a frenzy of historical reenactments. People are donning their best pirate outfits and engaging in mock naval battles with makeshift cardboard cannons. Even the King himself has expressed interest in attending a Fitzrovia Fleet-themed tea party, complete with cucumber sandwiches and cannonball-shaped petit fours.

As archaeologists continue their exploration and preservation efforts, the Fitzrovia car park has become the latest must-see attraction in London. Visitors are advised to bring their own tricorn hats and a good sense of humour. Who knew that beneath the asphalt and tire marks lay the hidden treasures of naval history? Fitzrovia, you’ve certainly anchored yourself in the annals of bizarre discoveries.

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