The Anomaly of Measurements: alcohol has standard measures, why doesn’t our food?

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By Edward Hinklebotham III

In a world that craves order and precision, it’s curious that one of our most cherished indulgences – food – remains subject to ambiguity. We’ve all experienced it: ordering a "large" bag of chips only to be confronted with a meager portion that leaves us craving more. In a society where we measure alcohol content with precision, why don’t we have standardized measurements for our favorite grub?

It’s a question that has been quietly gnawing at me after a recent encounter with a "large" bag of chips that turned out to be anything but. As I reached into the seemingly endless abyss of empty polystyrene container, I couldn’t help but wonder: Shouldn’t there be a standard measurement for chips, just as there is for alcohol?

The Distinctive Case of Alcohol

Before diving into the world of snacks, let’s examine the precision with which we handle alcohol. When you order a drink at a bar, you know exactly what you’re getting. A "shot" is a universally accepted unit of measurement, containing about 1.5 ounces (44 milliliters) of liquid. Whether you’re in New York, London, or Tokyo, you can count on this standard.

This precision isn’t limited to shots alone. Bottles of wine come with clear labels indicating their volume in litres or millilitres. Beer, too, adheres to strict measurements, with cans and bottles prominently displaying the volume they contain.

Why can’t our beloved food enjoy the same clarity?

The Enigma of food Sizes

Now, let’s shift our focus to the world of snacks, where things get considerably murkier. Picture this: you stroll into your favorite chip shop and order a “large” bag of chips. What does “large” even mean in this context? The answer, as I learned the hard way, is that it can mean almost anything, from a palm-sized portion to a bag that could feed a small army.

The absence of standardized measurements for food is a peculiar anomaly in our modern world. It’s a conundrum that plagues not just chips but various other foods as well. Pizza sizes, for instance, are notoriously inconsistent from one pizzeria to another. A "large" pizza at one place might be vastly different in size compared to another establishment’s interpretation of "large."

This inconsistency extends to burger joints, where a "medium" soft drink can vary considerably depending on the chain. Similarly, ordering a "large" fries can lead to a bag that ranges from satisfyingly generous to disappointingly puny.

The Consequences of Ambiguity

The lack of standardized measurements for snacks might seem like a trivial concern, but it has real-world consequences. It can lead to customer dissatisfaction, misaligned expectations, and even wastage. When you order a "large" portion, you should have a reasonable expectation of what that entails, just as you do with a shot of whiskey or a pint of beer.

Moreover, the absence of standardized measurements can make it challenging for consumers to make informed choices about portion sizes. If you’re trying to manage your calorie intake or make healthier eating decisions, knowing the precise quantity of food you’re consuming becomes crucial.

A Call for Change

It’s time for us to address this anomaly and demand a change. Just as we have standardized measurements for alcohol, we should have them for snacks and other foods. Imagine a world where ordering a "large" bag of chips means you get a consistent and well-defined amount, whether it’s 500 grams, 1000 grams, or any other reasonable measurement.

Such a change would benefit both consumers and businesses. Consumers would have clear expectations and could make informed choices, while businesses could promote transparency and build trust with their customers.

The absence of standardized measurements for snacks is a peculiar oversight in a world that values precision. Let’s advocate for change and establish clear and consistent measurements for our favorite snacks. Whether it’s chips, pizza, or soft drinks, we deserve to know exactly what we’re getting when we place an order. It’s time to bring clarity to our snacking experience and ensure that a "large" bag of chips always means the same thing, no matter where you are.

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