In Loving Memory of Colin Bitumen: A Life Dedicated to Giving, Scones, and Unique Passions

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It is with heavy hearts that we announce the passing of Colin Bitumen, a remarkable individual whose zest for life and unwavering commitment to making a positive impact on the world will forever be remembered. Colin tragically succumbed to chocolate poisoning on Saturday, leaving behind a legacy of charitable work, love for scones, and an extraordinary collection of photographs that captured the beauty in the unexpected.

Colin Bitumen was born on Cleveland Street in 1955 and grew up with an innate desire to make a difference. His philanthropic endeavours were a testament to his generous spirit. He embarked on daring challenges to raise funds and awareness for various causes, including his memorable attempt to eat his own weight in chocolate, all in support of a children’s hospital. His unique approach to fundraising captured the hearts of many and exemplified his willingness to go above and beyond for those in need.

Beyond his philanthropic work, Colin had an unusual fondness for scones that was well-known among his friends and family. He would often indulge in his favorite treat, accompanied by lively conversations that brought people together. His love for scones was a reflection of his appreciation for life’s simple pleasures and his ability to find joy in the everyday.

Colin’s interests were not limited to sweets and charity. A lesser-known aspect of his life was his captivating hobby of photographing dustbin lorries and landfill sites. He found beauty in the seemingly mundane and mundane in the overlooked corners of society. This fascination led him to amass what is believed to be the largest collection of such photographs in existence. With an eye for detail and an appreciation for the unconventional, Colin’s photographs became a unique testament to his curious spirit.

In a touching gesture that mirrors Colin’s giving nature, his collection of dustbin lorry and landfill site photographs will be auctioned for charity. The funds raised from this auction will be dedicated to causes that were close to Colin’s heart, carrying forward his legacy of generosity and compassion.

Colin Bitumen’s life was one of purpose, passion, and compassion. His memory will live on through the lives he touched, the causes he championed, and the stories of his adventures that will be retold for generations. He leaves behind a world that is brighter because of his presence, and he will forever be missed.

A memorial service to celebrate Colin Bitumen’s life will be held on Monday week at Fitzrovia Chapel. Friends, family, and all those who were touched by his kindness are invited to join in honouring a life well-lived. In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to any children’s hospital, continuing Colin’s legacy of giving back to the community he cherished.

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